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April 07, 2022


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Parks Canada was alerted to an impending land breach adjacent to the Esson Lake dam by neighbouring land owners over the last couple of years .
Nothing was done, This spring, the water breached the land bridge (for lack of a better term). Water poured out of the lake. Despite an attempted fix until full repairs can be made in the fall, water levels on Esson have fallen to mid September levels, a time of year we have traditionally taken in our dock and boat,

I can’t help but wonder how many other of the reservoir lakes are in this precarious position due to a failure to maintain infrastructure.

Key Strategy #1 in the draft management plan states
“Establish the Waterway as a premiere Canadian Recreational destination”

I would like to suggest that the TSW focus on maintaining core infrastructure before all else. If the organization get can’t the basics, what makes anyone believe they have the capability to become a “premiere” anything.

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