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  • The CEWF respectfully acknowledges that the lands and waters of its members are located on the traditional territory of the Williams Treaties First Nations which are Curve Lake, Rama, Hiawatha, Alderville, Scugog Island, Beausoleil and Georgina Island First Nations. The CEWF acknowledges a shared presence of Indigenous nations throughout the area, and recognizes its original, Indigenous inhabitants as the stewards of its lands and waters since time immemorial.

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October 14, 2016


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I notice that the water levels for Canning Lake are almost at Historic Lows and have been for the last month - below the winter set that was spoken about at the AGM for the Coalition For Equitable Water Flow. In addition, I notice that the Drag Lake water levels are higher than average. Help me understand why the Canning Lake levels would be so low. This could result in more ice damage during the winter to breakwalls, etc.

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